Thursday, September 25, 2008

Jack is a big boy now...or at least he looks like one!

So both Cole and Aidan had their first haircuts right around 12 months of age. Jack, on the other hand, had not had one at all until a few days ago. I don't know if I was holding off because he just doesn't have all that much hair, or if subconciously I knew that it meant he was growing up. The hair that he did have would curl up in the back and around his ears and was darling....In this picture, however, it is not so darling. I had an awakening the other baby was developing a mullet. A very thin and uneven mullet, mind you, but a mullet none the less.

So out came the clippers and Jack was strapped into his highchair. Let me just say this is one of the most mellow and happy kids on the planet...he smiled the whole time...even when there was cut hair on his face, in his mouth and under his shirt. What a trooper.

Truth be told, I did tear up a little when it was all said and done because my sweet baby of 14 months suddenly looked (to me) like he was a a big boy, with a big boy haircut! He has always resembled Colton and Aidan, but now I see a whole new level of similarity between the three of them. I don't know how it happened so quickly but it seems I am the mother of three (very handsome) very "big boys"...

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