Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's Official....We Have a Kindergartener!!

I don't know how it happened but Steven and I woke up today and we found out we have a Kindergartener!! Where oh where has the time gone? Cole has been asking when he could start school since pretty much the time he started talking. Whenever he would see a big yellow school bus go by, he would say, "Man I can't wait until I can ride the bus! Mom, how many more days until I can go to school?!"
And today, after nearly six years of waiting, he got his wish. Steven, all three boys and I got up this morning, got dressed, had breakfast together and headed down to the neighborhood bus stop to wait. Cole was so excited to see his friends at the bus stop and have somebody to sit with. Before the bus came, he gave us all hugs and kisses and said "I love you", and then just walked straight up onto the bus with a big old smile on his face.
We waved goodbye...and then all got in the car to drive to his school. We met him when he got off the bus and helped him find his way to where he was supposed to line up. He was happy to find out that his friend from daycare was in his class, and said "See Brody, I knew you would be here!" Then it was time to go into the classroom. Amid all the parents snapping pictures and giving hugs, we told our big boy how much we love him and sent him on his way.
Now that he is at school and I have a moment to think, I realize I am feeling all kinds of emotions...
I am so happy that Cole finally gets to start school and learn all kinds of new and exciting things,
I am sad that no matter what I do time just seems to keep slipping by faster and faster,
I am hopeful that this year in school is a good one for him,
I am proud of what a big boy he has become,
I am thankful for all the blessings in my life including my three amazing boys and loving husband,
And ...
I am excited to hear all about his day the moment he steps off that big yellow bus.