Sunday, May 10, 2009

For All These Reasons and More...

For bringing me into this world,
I thank you.
For raising me the way you did,
I am grateful to you.
For being with me through cancer,
I feel safe when I am with you.
For the wife that you are to Dad,
I look up to you.
For the way you handle all life throws your way,
I admire you.
For all the times I am saddened or heartbroken,
I lean on you.
For being an independent and strong woman,
I am proud of you.
For all you hope to achieve in this life,
I support you.
For all you have achieved already,
I am humbled by you.
For your willingness to be a friend,
I value you.
For all these reasons and more,
I love you.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom.
You are amazing.