Thursday, April 11, 2013

"Rock-a-bye, Bears"

I walked into Brynn's room this afternoon to put something away, and I found something very sweet....

About a week ago, we received our "Molly Bear" in the mail. It's a bear that was made especially in memory of Brynna and it weighs exactly what she did at birth, 7 lbs 11 oz. 

Years ago, a mother had lost her baby girl, Molly, and because her arms ached with such emptiness, she ended up sewing a bear that she could hold onto and have a physical reminder of what it felt like to hold her daughter.

After realizing the help it provided her, she began doing the same for other moms and dads, creating bears to each family's angel baby specifications. There is now quite a waiting list, and she operates on donations alone. If you know of someone who may benefit from something such as this, or if you would like to donate yourself, just web search "Molly Bears."

Anyway, our Brynna Bear came a week or so ago and the day it came, I carried it around a good portion of the night. Steven held her for a while too, and then I went and placed her on the rocking chair in Brynn's room.

Today, as I went into her room, I noticed that Jackson, at some point, had also gone in and he put his bear, "Blue Bear", right beside his sister's bear on the chair. There they were, sibling bears, arms around each other just rocking the day away. It was an amazingly sweet sight.

Of course I took a picture.

And then I went and got "Tink," Cole's bear and "19," Aidan's bear, and I sat them all together.

All my kids' bears all sitting together, leaning on one another, arms entwined.

Of course I cried.

And then of course, I took another picture. :o)

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Alissa Peppley said...

That is precious. I know how those type of moments can get to your heart. I'm so glad you ordered and got a "Molly Bear". I guess mine is on it's way!
Love to you...