Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Jackson & His Mask

So, I thought maybe we were getting past all the trouble Jack has been having w/ his breathing, but it appears we are not out of the woods yet. He started w/a cold back in October, progressed to pneumonia in December, and continues to wheeze and sound junky even now. Last week we met w/ a pulmonologist at Mary Bridge in Tacoma, and he has had his meds switched around a bit. He has become quite the champ at sitting in his high chair and doing his breathing treatments. We are going to have a swallow study performed in April to see if there is anything anatomical going on in his throat that may be causing all this, and we also are meeting w/ an allergy doctor tomorrow to determine if he is sensitive to anything. What a way to spend your first 8 months of life, huh? But, in true Jack form, he just keeps on smiling and "going with the flow". He is such a wonderful baby. :o)

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