Saturday, May 31, 2008


From May 16th to the 25th Five Finnegans traveled down to sunny, southern California to visit my parents and brother. The boys were so excited to see Gma, Gpa, and Uncle Conner, and it felt like an eternity before it was finally time to go to the airport and board the plane. The flight down was uneventful, as always the boys all flew like champs!
Once there, we began a BUSY itinerary of fun So-Cal activities. Hanging out in the pool (given a few more days there, I know we would have had two full-fledged swimmers on our hands) and the hot tub were top on our list in the first few days. Then, down to San Diego we went, to tackle Sea World (the whale and dolphin shows were amazing). On Monday night, when Sea World was over, we headed up to Anaheim to do Disneyland and California Adventure Tues. and Wed. I made a real effort to get the boys' pics w/ (and the autographs of) all their favorite characters. At CA. Adventure, the highlight was the Aladdin play (the genie was hilarious) complete w/ a flying carpet that comes out over the crowd! Cole is such a big, brave kid, he went on the Tower of Terror w/ Steven and I, and loved it!
Wednesday night, we headed back to my parents house and Thursday, it was back in the pool! Friday, the boys got to go w/ Gma and Gpa to Sesame Street Live "Elmo Grows Up", and they thought it was great. Saturday, my mom and I took my brother, Conner, clothes shopping for his birthday at the outlet mall in Camarillo, and man did he look handsome in his new threads!
All the while, we were eating good food, playing the Wii (and oh my did I get sore from bowling!), having great talks, relaxing in the sun, and enjoying each others' company. Unfortunately, all the pictures taken were on the old fashioned 35 mm so I can't upload anything, but while we were at Disney, my mom and dad bought the boys these awesome pirate costumes, and Aidan insisted on putting his on for the parade Tuesday night at Disneyland. All kinds of people were commenting on "that darling pirate over there" and I did get some great pics for the scrapbook.
Today, they decided to relive their Disney days and put the costumes on again. They ran around the house for a good hour and a half playing "Jack Sperrell" despite me telling them over and over again it was "Jack Sparrow". :o)

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The Clancy's said...

I wish we could have been in California with you all when the boys had their costumes! What fun. I can't believe Jack is almost 1. Should we plan on getting him a little cake for Sunday while you are up?