Thursday, July 10, 2008

I Guess My Kid is Bilingual

A quick story from this morning:

I was laying up in my bed with all three boys and we were all chatting and goofing around when:

ME: Let's go downstairs and I'll get you guys breakfast.

COLE: Well, what are we gonna' have?

ME: I don't know (thinking in my head how I am not all that inspired this morning) 'bout Eggo's?

COLE: Eggo's? What are Eggo's?

ME: Waffles.

COLE: Okay, but why do you have to say it in Spanish?


karisnyder said...

Cole has the BEST comments. Too cute!
Enjoyed seeing y'all over the 4th!

Anonymous said...

Who would have known? Maybe it really is "Eggo" in another language!! What a smart child!! ( :