Friday, June 14, 2013

Tomorrow We Walk

Tomorrow we walk.

Well, every day we walk, one foot in front of the other on this broken, bumpy road they call grief.

But tomorrow, we walk with a specific purpose.  Tomorrow we walk for one reason only. 

Tomorrow we walk for Brynn.

Tomorrow is not about busy schedules and work requirements.  Tomorrow is not about homework needing to be done or reports needing to be signed.  Tomorrow is not about yard work or cleaning house.  It’s not about settling family drama, or mending broken relationships.  Tomorrow is not one more thing that needs to be checked off the “to-do” list before we tackle everything else that “needs doing.”

Tomorrow is about Brynna.

One day.

She only gets one day a year.  One day a year when we can focus on the time she was with us in this mixed up, physical world.

All the other days, all the looming tomorrows, are given to the “everything and everyone else” in this world.

Tomorrow is her day.

Please join us in honoring our sweet girl.  It’s all we’ve got.  It’s all we ask.

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