Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hospital Entry #3

10/29/2011       2:49 a.m   (Facebook entry written while in the hospital)

It is 2:10 in the morning on Saturday and I was just awoken to take my middle of the night round of meds. I am so hopeful that in the weeks to come I will continue to be awoken at 2 a.m (and 4 a.m, and 6 a.m....). Instead of waking up to take meds though, I so hope I wake up in response to Brynn who is hungry and relying on me, her momma, to feed her. 

Earlier tonight, and also intermittently now, as I sit here in the quiet of my hospital room, every short while the first few strands of Brahhm's Lullaby come across the speaker system indicating that another baby has just been born at this hospital. 

Brynn was delivered at St. Joseph's hospital, and was then transferred here to Tacoma General. I don't know if St Joe's does something similar or not in regard to playing music when a baby is born. Regardless, I was asleep in surgert at the time of my daughter's birth and I "missed her chimes". I missed her music. 

Later this morning, beginning at 9 a.m, the NICU nurses will begin the 4 hour process of taking our baby of the "coolcap" and returning her head to normal temperature. Thus will begin the ability to assess where she stands neurologically, and on Monday she will have a full assessment by a pediatric neurologist. He/she will be able to tell us the extent to which they feel the traumatic labor affected her brain function. We will then begin to formulate a plan of where and how to go forward in the care of our sweet baby girl. 

My hope is that this process is just the beginning of Brynna Elizabeth Finnegan's "re"birth. I pray that as she warms and her brain returns to normal temperature, she gradually, and oh so gently, awakens to her life and the love that is all around her. There was nothing gentle about the way that she was initially introduced to this life, but I am sincerely hopeful that for our sweet Brynna's "rebirth" she will come out of the cold and into the light, open her eyes to see her loving mommy and daddy right there at her side, singing her her own "Brahmm's Lullaby". 

If there was ever a time for prayer, my dear friends, this is it. Please, I beg of you, pray, think, sing, state your wishes and intentions for Brynn to have an amazing rebirth. We lean so heavily now on this faith that our daughter will, in time, be okay. You all are the reasons we keep this faith and we call on you again now to keep her in your hearts. 

This stands to be a very big day. Sing with us.

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