Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hospital Entry #1

10/26/2011   10:49 pm    (Facebook entry written while in the hospital)

Steven and I are overwhelmed with the love and support we have been shown in regard to Brynn today. An update to fill you in...

Brynna Elizabeth was born via emergency c-section 10/26/2011 at 4:14 a.m. My uterus ruptured and split on the side the placenta was attached to, and our baby girl was not breathing and didn't have a strong heart beat when they got her out so she was intubated and taken to the neonatal ICU at Tacoma General/Mary Bridge Hospital in Tacoma. They had to remove my uterus and ovaries as well. 

Brynn is still intubated and on the ventilator (although tonight we got word her spontaneous breathing is improving slightly). They have also placed what they call a "coolcap" on her head, which essentially slows things down in her body and allows her brain to recover more effectively from the episode of oxygen deprivation. She will have this treatment for 72 hours and then have an EEG as well as a full neurological assessment. She is also on phenobarbitol to manage any possible seizure activity. Brynn has not yet opened her eyes, had much spontaneous movement, or had any urine output.

  We are praying for healing. We are praying for peace (for our little girl as well as our family and friends). We are praying that in time we will take a fully recovered, full of life, little girl home. Please continue to send all of your thoughts and prayers up, on Brynn's behalf. We need all the positive energy we can get at this time.

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