Sunday, June 17, 2012

2012 Rock and Walk

On Saturday, June 16th, Steven, the boys and I were joined by many of our closest friends and family as we participated in the Tears Foundation's Annual Rock and Walk.  We walked in memory of our sweet Brynna girl, as well as all the other precious babies gone too soon.

It was a day of many mixed emotions.  At times, I was overcome with sadness and grief like when Brynna's name was read over the loudspeaker and I realized we will never hear her name as she runs in for a sports game or after a dance recital.  And when her picture came up on the scoreboard, I realized I will never see her picture as part of a preschool slideshow or a montage video of her senior graduating class.

Other times throughout the walk, I felt supported.  Held up.  Carried.  So many friends and relatives came out to walk with us.  Round and round the track we walked, talking about Brynn.  Giving her life the recognition and attention it deserves.

Thank you to all that walked and thank you to all that donated.  Because of your continued support and caring, Steven and I are able to walk. 

(Note: the music, "Safe in His Hands" is sung by Alissa Peppley, a friend from high school.  She and her husband just lost their sweet baby girl as well, 6 months ago. Alissa, and her friend Kathy Kerber wrote and recorded this song shortly after Anna passed away.  It can be purchased on iTunes.)

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