Thursday, September 6, 2012

First Day of School

Today was the first day back to school for Aidan and Colton.  Man, how time flies!!

Cole is in 3rd grade this year and his teacher's name is Mrs. Steele.

Aidan is in 2nd grade and his teacher is Mrs. Shula.

They were both up far before their alarms went off that morning, ready to greet the day and itching to get to the bus stop to see their friends.

Steven and I met them at school that morning as Hunt Elementary did things a bit differently this year.  Instead of coming to a back to school night, parents were encouraged to come to school the first morning and line up with their kids, accompanying them into their classrooms where we were able to meet the teachers.  Afterward, we headed to the gym for muffins and juice and a visit with other moms and dads.

When the boys got home that afternoon, Aidan summed it up:

Me: "How was your guys' first day back?"
Aidan: "Oh Mom, it was FANTASTIC!!"

I am so happy to have boys that love school.

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