Monday, February 27, 2012

We Survived...

Steven was so sweet in that he had family activities planned for my birthday that we did on Saturday, the 25th instead of on my actual birthday, to help take the pressure off the 26th.

We went bowling for the first time as a family and the boys had a lot of fun.  Then we went to see the movie, Arrietty, which was a Japanese inspired movie about miniature people that call themselves “borrowers” and live in the crawl spaces of other peoples’ houses.  I thought it was really weird and very slow moving but the boys seemed to like it.

We then went home and I made a family dinner.  The boys had given me a gift certificate to have my car detailed and Steven gave me a new stereo that is compatible with my iphone that will be installed in the car after we get back from our cruise in March.

Yesterday was really hard (just as I expected), but we got through it.  The boys and Steven held me up when I was not strong enough to stand on my own.

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