Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Red String and Three Little Birds

4/1/12        10:06 a.m

Dear Brynna,

It’s been 5 months since you passed away and Daddy and the boys and I miss you just as much today as the day you went to heaven.

I think you should know what an amazing little girl you are.  Your short life has touched so very many peoples’ hearts.  I am hoping they have realized just how special and sacred it is to have children, and have taken the knowledge that life is not guaranteed for any amount of time, and gone home to be better, more loving parents to their own kids.

I love you, baby girl.  Just as if you were here with us today.  We all think about you and miss you every single day.  Many times a day.

What I am coming to realize though, is that you are thinking of us too.  You are still there, I know you are.  I hear you when your windchime blows in the wind.  I see the hope you are trying to send to my heart when the sun breaks through the clouds and rain.

I have been struggling with my faith and where I stand with God for a while now, but I see that you are there with Him, and you are safe.  I feel the mercy, I hear the hope, I see the Love.

The other day I was watching the show “Touch” for the first time, on what I thought was just “a whim”.  I know now though, that you guys had “bigger” plans for me.  I heard and saw the messages. 

The main character, the little boy, was talking at the beginning of the show about how everyone is born with an invisible red string tied to their ankle.  That string is connected to other strings that are then connected to the ankles of all the people they are destined to touch, in some form or fashion, in their lifetime.  The strings can be bent and stretched, but never broken.  And even though we are not guaranteed any certain number of days here on this earth, we cannot escape the fact that we are destined to touch those people. 

The boy went on to say he was born on October 26th (your birthday!) and it is his job to help people touch the ones they are destined to touch.  Then immediately the scene cut to a girl in a club singing, “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley. 

I listen to that song all the time when I am thinking of you.  In fact, later that morning when I went to the gym and set my ipod to shuffle, out of 5,437 possible songs, Three Little Birds came on again.  But I know you know that. 

I also have come to realize that your strings are more numerous than we can count.  The extent to which you have touched people, and continue to do so, is amazing.  I also wonder if you are that little boy?  On a mission to make sure that the people that are supposed to affect each other, have a chance to do so.  I thank you for giving me the chance to Love you as I do, because it is from that Love that I have the strength to talk to and reach out to other people in similar situations.  It is through that Love that I am able to honor the people that my strings are attached to, and sum up the courage to “touch” them.

I see you, Brynna.  I hear you.  I am listening.  I love you.


P.S. Please tell Him “thank you for His mercy and Love”.  I am listening to Him too.

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