Thursday, August 30, 2012

"I Am..."

The boys started a new support group last night.  Tears, the group that we love so much and find so much comfort with, has started a children's program for little ones who have lost a baby brother or sister.

Last night, after the parent meeting was over, we went to pick up Colton and Aidan and Jack from their group.  The two older boys were very eager to share some poems they had written while we were gone.  I have gotten their permission to share them with all of you as well.

Needless to say, they both brought tears to my eyes and warmth and pride to my heart.  **Brynna, you are loved and cherished by your big brothers.  But I know you know that.**

"I Am" by Colton Finnegan

I am a brother who lost a sister.
I wonder if she looks down at me.
I hear her laughs in my dreams.
I see her in my thoughts.
I want to see her again in life.
I am a brother who lost a sister.

I pretend she is following me.
I feel like she touches me.
I touch her in my dreams.
I cry when she leaves.
I am a brother who lost a sister.

I understand that I will never see her again in this life.
I say, "I love you, Brynna."
I dream she is here.
I try to remember the good times.
I hope I see her again.
I am a brother who lost a sister.

"I Am" by Aidan Finnegan

I am sad about my sister.
I wonder if she is happy in heaven.
I hear her say, "good morning" to me.
I want to see her.

I feel her in my heart.
I cry when I am scared.

I understand I'll see her again.
I dream of her.
I hope I will see her again.
I am sad about my sister.


Julie said...

These poems are so sweet and show what loving, caring boys you are raising. I love you all.

Colleen @ six said...

sweet boys - i love little boys! please tell them thank you for being willing to share them. they are fantastic!

Cassie & Conner said...

Beautiful poems, boys! Laura and Steven, you have raised some of the sweetest and most reflective and thoughtful boys. They are wise beyond their oh-so-young years, and Brynna has obviously taught them so much. Love you all.