Wednesday, August 1, 2012

One Foot In the Light

July 31, 2012                                             11:29 a.m


Nine months have passed since we laid you to rest
Since we last kissed your head and held you close to our chest. 

I move slowly through each day, one foot placed painfully in front of the other,
Walking empty armed through this world, a daughterless mother. 

I know you are there on the wind, just a whisper away. 
I can feel you and hear you, a hundred times through the day. 

But I long for you here, alive in my embrace. 
Is it selfish to feel the need to bring you back to this place?

This sadness is the deepest I've known in my life. 
And I am trying each day to keep at least one foot in the light. 

Out of the heartache, one step from the pain,
Because if my whole self gives in, what will remain?

I will lose everything I live for, everything that is good.
We are suffering a loss that no parent should. 

Please know you are with me,
Entwined in my soul, and engraved on my heart,
Never separate from me, never apart. 

I will love you through all of this heartache and every ounce of the sorrow. 
Through all of today, and each and every tomorrow. 

I remember and cherish you despite all of this pain. 
From now until forever, in my heart you remain. 

(I'm not sure who the artist of this sculpture is, but I find myself going back to this picture over and over again.  Hoping that when I am down on my knees missing my girl, she is there with her sweet hand on my head.  I love you, Brynn)

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Alissa Peppley said...

Thank you for sharing this poem.
I love the "one foot in the light" concept and phrase.
On we go...